VERSION 5.01P (10/18/2007)

VERSION 5.01P (10/18/2007)

Due to the enhanced functionality of IMDS-a2 with Version 5.01 the IMDS Advanced Accelerator (IMDS-a2) is now named as IMDS-a2 Optimizer. New features:

The Dashboard provides two views of data at-a-glance: The MDS Dashboard provides an overview of the status of received, own and sent MDSs. The MDS Request Dashboard displays the status of received and sent Requests.
This allows the user to identify overdue MDSs and Requests instantly. The information is presented graphically, allowing quick and easy access to those MDSs.

Inbox Automation
MDSs are automatically checked as they are received in your Inbox. The checks are based on user-defined Examiner Profiles and provide automated processing of incoming MDSs. MDSs passing these checks may be automatically accepted. For MDSs failing these checks, reject reasons are automatically generated.

A new Reporting module provides pre-defined MDS reports:

  • Detailed Analysis
  • Unmatched Nodes
  • Structure Validation
  • Referenced MDSs
  • Applications and Parts Marking
  • Declarable Substances

CSV Export
CSV field separators can be defined in the Options dialogue.

Additional Checks - already available since 24. Aug. 2007:

  • Standard Material supplier check - Marks every Material, that is not from a standard material supplier ("Stahl und Eisen Liste" or the IMDS Committee).
  • Default name check - Flags every node, where a default name is used, for example: name starts with "Copy_", "Kopie_", "Teil_", "Component_", "Halbzeug_", "SemiComponent_" or "Material_".
  • Substance ranges check - Flags every substance using a range, where the difference (max - min) is greater than a user defined value.
  • Check for recommendation compliance of ranges - Flags every range that does not comply with ranges allowed by the IMDS recommendations.
  • Invalid Material classification check - Checks if a Material is using an invalid material classification (currently only classification 5.1 is no longer valid).

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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