Version 14.0 (05/10/2023)

Version 14.0 (05/10/2023)

IMDS Release 14.0 Enhancements

With the rollout of the updated IMDS-a2 Version 14.0 on 10th May 2023, the following IMDS enhancements are implemented:

  • Structure Mix
  • SC90 for filled/unfilled thermoplastics
  • Extended contact information
  • Revealing confidential declarable substances
  • Check for old MDSs
  • Chemical recycling and bio-based materials

Summary of IMDS Online Application Release 14.0 enhancements 
(There are video tutorials for the new functions avaiable under this link.)

Furthermore, the following a2-specific enhancements are provided with this Release:

  • Search for multiple MDS IDs or Node IDs in the IMDS searches, Inbox/Outbox and Analysis & Reporting
  • Search for multiple Part No.’s in the IMDS searches, Inbox/Outbox and Analysis & Reporting
  • IMDS-a2 Examiner: Added new check #40: Verify substances against substance thresholds in a MS Excel sheet
  • IMDS-a2 Examiner: Added new check #41: Various checks for "Source of material" information, their ranges and thresholds.
  • IMDS-a2: Use icons indicating origin of MDS (own, rec, pub) in all searches, analysis and MDS tree.
  • IMDS-a2, MDS Detail: Display node count of MDS tree for root nodes.
  • CSV Import of new Source of Material information
  • Support for XLSX and CSV export of “Analysis” tab

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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