Version 11.1 (05/03/2018)

VERSION 11.1 (05/03/2018)

IMDS Release 11.1 Enhancements:

Adaptations of IMDS for compliance to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

In order to follow new data protection regulations, new privacy features will be implemented in IMDS. When logging in to IMDS for the first time after the Release, every user is informed about the data use in IMDS and is asked to check the use of the user’s contact information in the User Settings (Data Security section). Users do not have to accept the data use, you can still use IMDS if you reject to publish your contact information.

Contact persons in IMDS need to confirm that they want to act as a contact in IMDS and which contact data are published. Only if the contact person confirmed to act as an MDS contact, it can be selected in IMDS. Otherwise, it is treated as a deleted contact. As this may lead to the situation that there are no contact persons on the day of the Release, there will be a grace period of one month to still use contact persons that have not yet confirmed.

With this release, it will no longer be mandatory to have a phone number at users or contacts.

In case of an MDS rejection, the personal contact details of the user who has rejected the MDS are no longer shown in IMDS without user confirmation. If this confirmation is missing, the MDS creator will not know the rejecter of the MDS.

More information in rejection e-mail

In order to make it easier to find the MDS as well as allowing users with accounts in multiple IMDS companies to find the MDS they are looking for, both the company IDs for the sender and recipient as well as the supplier code are added to the email text.

Language selection in IMDS

The user will be able to change the language without logging off IMDS. Changing the language will refresh the screen so that everything will appear in the selected language. It will not only affect the language of labels and layout elements, but also the default language for Material MDS names, the language of the check result and the languages the Recommendation documents.

A new menu called "Language" will be added to the IMDS-a2 Extras menu in the top section. The user can change the language either using this menu or the User Settings item. The language names appear the same way (and order) as on the login page.

MDS Report – Header Page only

The IMDS user can choose whether he/she wants to print a complete MDS report or only its header sheet. The existing "Create MDS Report" menu item and icon additionally provide a selection between 'Full Report' and 'Header only Report'.

By selecting the "Full Report" option, the processing of the standard MDS Report will be started. By selecting the "Header only Report" option, only the Header Page (1. Company and Product Name) of the currently known MDS Report will be generated.

The "Header only Report" will not be limited by the size (node count) of the MDS.

Link to in IMDS screens

A direct link to the GADSL page is added to different IMDS-a2 screens as a button. By pressing this button, a new browser tab will open to show the GADSL homepage. In the following screens, the button will be added:

MDS Detail Ingredients - Basic Substance View
Basic Substance - Search View
Basic Substance - Detail View
Where-used Analysis.

Detailed information can also be found in the IMDS 11.1 Release Notes or in our IMDS-a2 User Manual.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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