VERSION 5.0P (05/31/2007)

VERSION 5.0P (05/31/2007)

Release 5.0 Enhancements

  • Additional Languages
    The IMDS-a2 now also supports Chinese and Korean language.   
  • MDS Search
    Extended and improved search screens with additional search options.   
  • Preferred listing of IMDS Steering Committee materials in the result list
    When searching for materials, the companies ILI, Steel-Iron List and IMDS Committee are pre-set as companies to search from if published material MDSs are searched for.   
  • Copy/Paste and Drag & Drop handling
    Improved Drag & Drop handling (e.g. from tree to tree and from tree to MDS entry fields). Furthermore an MDS can be opened out of the MDS tree.   
  • Hidden Material & Substance handling
    Deleted and hidden Materials and Substances can be searched in the Certificate of Expenditure.
  • Replace MDS
    The IMDS-a2 allows the replacement of MDSs within the tree, to replace MDSs by dropping and to replace MDSs within tree search. 
  • Extended MDS Copy
    The a2 supports the new Copy functionality that copies up to 100% of the existing information in an MDS.  

Further Enhancements

  • The Favorite handling is available in the MDS/Module search window. 
  • The name of the receiving Company/Org.-Unit is shown in the result table of the InBox. 
  • The column "Type" was added to the result tables of the search windows to show if we have a MDS or a Module. 
  • All possible Applications are shown for received Materials that contain Application relevant Substances.
  • The date of the last status change and details of a rejection were added to the recipient information. 
  • Inactive MDSs are marked as "inactive" in the ID/Version field of the node details. 
  • The Supplier and Recipient lists from search windows can be used as Favorites in Company search window.  


  • Favorite search delivers one result for Material and Substances regardless the language. 
  • The field reason for a rejection can handle entered and pasted special characters. 
  • Status changes correctly when double clicking the InBox search result table. 
  • Favorite search does not search for MDSs, that are deleted in the meantime.

IMDS-a2 Questions

IMDS-a2 Questions?

Please have a look into the IMDS-a2 user manual first.

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