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Release Notes

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Changes Release 27

Analysis / Detailed MDS-Analysis:

  • Rule based analysis for basic substance lists


  • Conversion of a module to an MDS

Material Norms:

  • Division into 2 lists of arbitrary length of general norms and "house norms" coupled with companies

Context Sensitive Icons:

  • Available in search / edit / preview / analysis


  • Standard frame with lower button bar and standard buttons

MDS / Module Editing:

1. Deletion alternatives: delete a single node
2. Deletion alternatives: delete the complete subtree including the current node
3. Deletion alternatives: delete the internal structure of the subtree exclusive of the current node and all basic substances
- conversion of a single node to a module
- supplier name in the detail information of the highest node
- optimization of the client's creation of an MDS tree and its detail information
- chapter security and environment: point 6 EWC code received a yes/no button

Basic Substances:

  • Basic substances with VDA flags cannot be characterized as confidential
  • VDA unwanted will no longer be considered


  • Help divided by subjects

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