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Changes Release 2.2 (07-Dec-2004)

General information:
Please delete the cache of your browser and restart it. This avoids problems viewing certain pages.

IMDS Application in General:
When accessing IMDS Release 2.2 the first time, each user will be asked to update own personal data like phone number, e-mail address etc. Generally with the menu item 'Settings' the user can correct/update own personal data any time. This information needs to be updated for IMDS registration purposes (e.g. when calling the IMDS service center for registration issues). Up to now only client managers were able and responsible to maintain the data of users.

IMDS Public Pages:
The edition 2004 of the "List of Declarable Materials in Automobile Manufacturing - Substances in Components and Construction Materials" (previous VDA-List 232-101) has been published in IMDS (on production already since Sept. 07th, 2004).

Login Screen:
IMDS User Documentation can be downloaded.

Edit MDS:
Creating a Material MDS:
Since the material classification entry is mandatory for material MDSs the user must select a classification before getting to the MDS detail screen.

If the classifications selected were "Filled" or "Unfilled Thermoplastics" the user is guided for additional selections according to ISO 1043 in order to fill properly the MDS entry field "Symbol". In this context the main classification "5.1 Thermoplastics" cannot be selected anymore, instead the user must decide between the sub-classifications "Filled" or "Unfilled" Thermoplastic.

Please check on the following description:
Change in material handling

Forwarding an MDS:
IMDS allows to forward a MDS that has been received and accepted previously. Compared to the normal MDS copy process forwarding allows to keep the complete and original MDS information.

Additional information you will find in the attached document.

Sending a MDS:
All options for a MDS (publish, internal release, send, propose) are now visible but only active functions can be initiated. Some users without being appropriately trained published their MDS because the other functions/buttons (sending, propose) only appeared after adding a recipient to the MDS.

Chapter 3 – Supplier Data:
Display of address for the organization unit in addition. The same applies to "Initial Sample Test Report".

Copy MDS:
When making a copy/new version of a MDS with referenced and meanwhile deleted modules, MDS or substances these references must not be copied. With release 2.2 these modules, MDS, substances will be displayed in a screen after initiating the copy process. Before in IMDS was just a general message saying that some MDS data will not be copied.

Sent MDS Screen:
Additional search option for forwarded MDS.

Check Procedure:
The warning message 'The substance has been deleted.' has been changed to 'The substance has been deactivated, while references in previously created modules/MDSs are still valid and can be sent.' The same applies for the warning message 'The module/MDS has been deleted.' which has been changed to 'The module/MDS has been deactivated, while references in previously created modules/MDSs are still valid and can be sent.' (on production already since Aug. 2nd, 2004).

Error message for substances marked as confidential that are now part of ILRS.

Error message for sub-components in a MDS, that are not references to other component MDSs in case measured weight and calculated weight deviate more than the entered tolerance allows.

Display of CAS-number, MDS-ID, classification in the analysis result lists (including export files) where appropriate.

Detailed analysis for material MDS: Sub-materials (i.e. a Material MDS attached to another Material MDS) will not be displayed anymore. Only the top-level material will be listed.

Certificate of Expenditure:
Analysis for substances that are marked as confidential and became part of the ILRS-list at a later point of time.

Multiple selection of MDSs (mark with mouse click) possible for certificate of expenditure using non-standard selection.

Searching for organization units in the rule based selection is possible.

Basic Substances:
VDA list has been moved to a Substance list while ILRS succeeded the VDA list in IMDS. (on production already since April 23rd, 2004)

Client Manager Administration:
The User Administration Screen has been redesigned with the same look and feel as other search and detail screens.

Each User can modify personal data using the menu item Settings (before the client managers had to maintain this data).

The Company Administration Screen has been redesigned with the same look and feel as other search and detail screens.

Company Specific Enhancements:
Auto Acceptance (function some OEMs use):
Additional logging added.

Volvo Car:
Volvo adopted some of the Ford Motor Company specific enhancements in IMDS. If Volvo has been selected as recipient of a MDS, the recipient specific screen for Volvo has been enhanced the following way:

  • The additional field for 'Polymeric Parts' according to ISO 1043 and 11469 can be checked
  • The supplier code will be checked against Ford's supplier codes (GSDB parent code)
  • Applications need to be selected for all substances of the MDS that are as well part of Ford's RSL
  • Ford's part/material/item number check has not been adopted yet (but will follow in the future) (on production already since June 2nd, 2004)

Ford Motor Company - Supplier Site Code:
The user may select in the FMC Certification Screen and in chapter 4 for FMC (and its subsidiaries) either the supplier parent code or supplier side code (on production already since August 19th, 2004).

FMC Certification ‘Full RSMS Certification all FMC Programs' has been put in place (on production already since May 13th, 2004).

General Motors Enhancement:
In the FAQ section you will find detailed information regarding the new Part Number and DUNS-Code Filter for General Motors. The 'Partial Certification' in the menu item Certification for Adam Opel AG has been removed (on production already since Aug. 2nd, 2004).

GM Certification has been removed (on production already since August 2nd, 2004).

DaimlerChrysler Enhancement:
The following 3 fields are available in case DaimlerChrysler has been selected as MDS recipient: SC1 (supplementary code1, 4 characters), SC2 (supplementary code2, 4 characters), DGL (drawing geometry technical level, 3 digits) (on production already since Aug. 2nd, 2004).

Certification has been added for DaimlerChrysler (on production already since July 13th, 2004).

IMDS Interfaces:

a) IMDS Download:
Since IMDS Release 2.1.1, there have only been minor changes in the DataDownload specification:

  • For companies with a certain functional extension of the recipient specific information, the "R" record will contain 3 additional fields (supplementary code 1 + 2 and drawing geometry technical level). All other companies will not see a difference.
  • As announced in the "News" section of the public IMDS pages, the label "VDA" has been replaced by "ILRS" (International list of reportable substances). This change does not impact the structure of the DataDownload files.

b) IMDS Upload:
Please have a look at additional checks in IMDS mentioned above.

I. Both DTD's have been adjusted and corrected. But there are only few substantial changes.

a) upload.dtd:

  1. Tag "Delete" has been moved from <Module>-Branch into <Change>-Branch.
  2. Attribute "Classified" with <Substance>-tag expects values "Yes" or "No".
  3. There are four additional attributes in <Chap4> valid only for particular companies:

SupplierSiteCode    CDATA #IMPLIED   - Ford Company

This attribute is equivalent to the attribute "Site code" in the IMDS application.

SupplCode1    CDATA #IMPLIED   - Daimler-Chrysler

This attribute is equivalent to the attribute "SC1 (supplementary code1)" in the IMDS application.

SupplCode2    CDATA #IMPLIED   - Daimler-Chrysler

This attribute is equivalent to the attribute "SC2 (supplementary code2)" in the IMDS application.

DGTLevel    CDATA #IMPLIED   - Daimler-Chrysler

This attribute is equivalent to the attribute "DGL (drawing geometry technical level)" in the IMDS application.

upload.dtd.new (zip-file)

b) result.dtd:
Tag "Delete" has been moved from <Module>-Branch into <Change>-Branch (similarly to upload.dtd).

result.dtd.new (zip-file)

II. Other upload changes:

  1. The download "All visible MDS's" will no more be offered. Instead it the "Company MDS"- download will be offered. This download contains all own MDS's/modules and all accepted MDS's of a company (published MDS's will not be contained).
  2. Old uploaded source files and belonging result files will be archived after 30 days. After another 30 days they will be completely deleted.
  3. Current version of Upload User Manual is available for download in the Menu Administration – Upload.

Items with a date mentioned have been moved to production before and announced accordingly.

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