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Release Notes

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null Changes Release 2.1.1 (18-Mar-2004)

IMDS International List of Reportable Substances (ILRS):

This list has been loaded to IMDS, so you can filter in chapter 1 of a MDS for these substances or analyze for ILRS substances under menu item Analysis. In a next step, that will be announced to the IMDS users beforehand, IMDS will not allow to mark ILRS-substances as confidential (analogous to the current behavior of substances that are part of the ‘List of Declarable Materials in Automobile Manufacturing - Substances in Components and Construction Materials' (previous VDA-List 232-101)).

MDS Chapter 1:
Improvements and stabilization of the MDS-tree handling on the client side (browser) including reduction of JavaScript. In addition the selection of the Substance List Filter will not cause the MDS-tree to close, instead the MDS-tree stays opened. 

Material Classification for MDS of type material:
The wording of the following existing classifications, has been detailed:

4.2 Others -> 4.2 Other special metals
5.4.3 Others -> 5.4.3 Other duromers
5.5.1 plastics -> 5.5.1 plastics (in polymeric compounds)
5.5.2 textiles -> 5.5.2 textiles (in polymeric compounds) 

Existing Material data sheets of type material using one of these classifications will automatically reference to these more detailed names.

Weight check:
Entering less than 0.001 mg of weight is rounded to 0 mg by IMDS. Latest when sending, proposing, publishing or internally releasing the MDS the check procedure triggers an error message, because the weight value must be greater than 0 mg (this is existing behavior up to release 2.1).
In addition since IMDS Release 2.1.1 the system checks directly after entering the weight value and informs, in case the value entered was less than 0,001 mg.

MDS Chapter 3 and 4 (Contact Information and Recipient data): 
(has been rolled out Dec. 15th, 2003 to Release 2.1)
Before it was possible to change chapter 3 (contact information) and chapter 4 information (recipient specific data, e.g. part-/item number of recipient) of released MDS. With this change it is not possible anymore, which means that no information can be changed after releasing the MDS. However, it is still possible to add or remove recipients and modify new recipients before sending. The 'freezing' of a MDS takes place in the following datasheet states: 

  • Handshake (after sending)
  • Internally released (after proposing or explicit internal release)
  • Published

In other words, it is only possible to change the datasheet when it is in edit mode. Nevertheless, changing the recipients is allowed when:

  • Recipient is in edit mode (newly added recipient)
  • Recipient is in rejected or modified mode (after sending/proposing and rejecting).

Note: Due to reorganizations of companies in IMDS or shifting MDS to other responsible organization units by the client manager, in chapter 3, the assigned organization unit may still change.

MDSs sent to companies that are deleted afterwards:
MDSs sent and not yet accepted to a reorganized/deleted company/organization unit will be automatically rejected with the rejection reason ‘IMDS generated reject reason: Company was deleted'. 

MDS Check Procedure:
- A warning message will be given in case the MDS contains references to deleted MDS and/or basic substances. 
- In case a selected recipient has been ‘deactivated' meanwhile, IMDS checks and gives an error message.

MDS Sent/Received Screen:
Improvements in performance and representation: Search options and result list (maximum of 500 rows) in separate screens. Additional function to export the entire result list (as well more than 500 hits are possible) with the same table columns as in the IMDS application in a comma-separated file.

Additional Search Option Version (current/all) available, so searching for the current version of MDSs with a certain status (e.g. rejected) is possible.

IMDS only allows numbers in the search criteria "IMDS-ID".

Analysis - Certificate of Expenditure:
For regular based analysis the criteria ‘published' has been removed.
The criteria "all" comprises all own and (received and) accepted MDSs.

All recommendation files in PDF-format directly accessible besides as zip-File. In addition the table containing all recommendations has been overworked.
A new document containing IMDS substance changes (substances to be removed or modified in the attribute category (duty to declare/prohibited) ) by the end of each month has been added. 

Client Manager Administration:
Company Administration:
It is not possible to use identical names for organization units or to use the same name for an organization unit and the company inside one IMDS-registered company.

Company Contact Administration:
Reengineering of the entire screen.

MDS Statistic Screen:
The statistic screen for client managers has been modified, so it does not show logically deleted or inactivated companies or organization units. In addition, deleted own MDSs will not be counted anymore (so in case you are keeping a historical record of your company's statistics you may now have less MDSs, since the deleted MDSs are not considered). The former value of internally released MDSs has been detailed, so under internally released you will only find MDSs, that you did not send to another company, but released internally. The new field "proposed/sent MDSs without handshake" gives the number of MDSs that have been sent and accepted or proposed.

Ford Motor Company specific enhancements:
New Ford Certification (has been rolled out Dec. 15th, 2003 to Release 2.1):
The new Ford Certification ‘Heavy Metals Reporting Certification for North America' has been added.

Only MDS of type Component can be sent to Ford Motor Company Brands:
Suppliers can only send data sheets for component-MDS to the Ford Motor Company Brands.
Material and semi-component MDS must be sent to Ford-brand specific organizational units of the IMDS Company FPTO (Ford Powertrain Organization). FPTO itself is allowed to send all MDS-types to Ford Motor Company except semi-components.

IMDS Data Download Interface:
No changes of the general IMDS Data Download Interface.
Current IMDS Data Download Interface Specification: Version 1.8.6 (same as for IMDS Release 2.1).

General Motors specific enhancement:
In addition rejected MDS are available for GM only.

IMDS Upload Interface:
No changes to the DTDs. 
Current IMDS Upload Interface Specification: Version 2.0 (same as for IMDS Release 2.1).

However please be aware that additional checks have been added to IMDS (see above check procedure and weight check) that are reflected in the IMDS Upload Interface process.

IMDS Public Pages:
Faster access to FAQ topics due to additional and more detailed categories and general revision of IMDS public pages regarding content.