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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 13.1 (26-Jan-2022)

Enhancements with IMDS Release 13.1 (26-Jan-2022)

The enhancements with this Release are:

  • Visibility of warning about recyclate exceeding the maximum range of 20%
  • Allow multiple S2S Keys per Org-Unit
  • Exclude classification 9.x in SCIP Submissions
  • Add SCIP Attributes to Component Search Results
  • Change in editing Application Codes and Norms

Detailed information on these enhancements is available in the Preliminary Release Notes IMDS Release 13.1.

The following tutorials show the enhancements of this Release:

Classification 9 in SCIP (4.5 min)

Easier editing of norms and applications (2 min)

Multiple S2S Keys per Org.-Unit (4.5 min)

SCIP data in CMDS search results (2 min)

Visibility of Recyclate range warning (2 min)