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Release Notes

Release Notes

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Changes Release 12.0 (09-May-2019)

Enhancements for the IMDS Regulation Wizard

1. Intelligent Substance-Material Management for BPR - incorporate extra checks when adding substances to Material MDSs and adding an internal processing matrix.

2. Regulation Wizard changes 

  • Search Panel refinement
  • Clearer Text Labels
  • Semi-/Component level: Replace “Produced in EEA or imported into EEA?” with “Produced in / imported into EEA?” and add question mark icon.
  • Regulatory Information (RI) Details & Results changes

3. New MDS version containing no regulatory substances – different handling


Other Enhancements

4. Spare Parts and related Application Code check changes

5. Enhance Warnings Inbox Checks

6. Remove German Material Names

7. Update Recyclates


More information on the different topics can be found in our latest IMDS Newsletter 50 and in the IMDS Release 12.0 Release Notes document.

An overview on the IMDS Release 12.0 enhancements can be found in this presentation.