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Release Notes

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Changes Release 1.8.2 (20-Jun-2002)

IMDS Application:

  • Harmonization of labelnames for components, semi-components and material (Part/Item No. for components, Item- /Mat.-No. for semi-components, Material No. for material)
  • measured weight for components is mandatory field
  • Substance Jokers cannot be marked as confidential
  • View company only shows active users and contact persons
  • Material Norm Codes must be different from blank text entry
  • Selecting the own company as recipient is not allowed to send/propose an own material data sheet
  • Material Data Sheet, Chapter 2, questions 7 to 10 are initialized with 'empty' value (before: numerical zero).
  • Additional menu entry for client managers to grant visibility on user-level of different companies for substances marked as confidential in own material data sheets<
  • Toyota specific enhancements: supplier code and partnumber handling in chapter 4
  • Enhancements in Training-Administration
  • Additional material data sheet logging

Data Download:

  • In the "MC"-line are the initial values in fields 21-26 now '-1' (instead of 0) if nothing was filled in.
  • Additional field in Company/Contact File, record type CT: IsDeleted

Upload Interface:

  • Updated Upload Version

Password Expiration:

  • After 90 days or password reset by the Service Center the user will have to change the password for security purpose.
  • The password will be closed after 120 days, if it is not used.


  • Renaming of the 
    VDA-List 232-101 into 'List of declarable materials in automobile manufacturing - Substances in components and construction materials'

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