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Release Notes

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Changes Release 1.7 (22-Nov-2001)

MDB / Modul:

  • Client Manager has additional Menu-Item Administration - Company where the subdivision of his company into organizational units can be maintained(in the future releases the client manager can assign the users to the organizational units and finally material data sheets can be send to organizational units).
  • In chapter 1 of the material data sheets for components the user may enter a measured weight and tolerance. The check procedure will now warn the user in case the calculated weight deviates more than the entered tolerance from the measured weight.
  • Material names and trade names can be entered in English and German language. In case the user does not enter the name in either one of the languages the user will be warned while saving and automatically the blank name will be filled with the entered name of the other language.
  • In recipient specific screen the field confidential information (with selection masked or visible) has been removed, because users were confused. Substances marked as confidential are outside the MDS-owning company in general invisible.


  • Name change of label for semicomponents to Item-/Material-No.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 can be used for IMDS.
  • Italian and Spanish Online Help available.
  • Data Download for OEMs for time period on demand.
  • Improvements of IMDS Messaging and Application Logging.


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