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Release Notes

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Changes IMDS Version 1.3 (09-Oct-2000)


  • Dependent windows will be shut down automatically if a context is left.
  • Various minor bugs fixed.

Public Sites:

  • Registrations for training can be done online (without e-mail). Data is always up-to-date. The trainee receives a registration confirmation immediately.
  • Displaying the list of basic substances has been accelerated by about 80%.
  • "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) has been added to the menu.

MDS / Module:

  • Search of EWC (chapter 2) optimized.
  • Search of only materials in "Zus.-Lief."-window enabled.
  • "You haven't saved your data yet"- message prevented when inappropriate.
  • Inconsistencies by parallel changes in several windows prevented.
  • Check optimized (window comes in the foreground, messages can be displayed completely, jumping to the error by pressing the button "correct").
  • Phone, fax and e-mail added to chapter 3, being displayed dynamically.


  • Categories of Materials from "Stahl- und Eisenliste" have been updated.
  • Names of Materials from "Campus" have been shifted to trade names. Symbols have been added and new names have been derived from the symbols.


  • Material search: Search criterion "symbol" added. Symbol and trade name added to result list.
  • ID and version combined in one column.


  • Result list limited to avoid too long runtimes.


  • Copying users enabled.
  • Usability improved.
  • Monitoring-Tool implemented.
  • IMDS-Performance Index implemented.

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