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OEM specific information

Some of the OEMs have chosen to post supplier information on the IMDS site. This section includes the latest available information that we have. Individual OEMs may have mailed more recent information to their suppliers.

Each OEM may have a special criteria for acceptance. The following document gives an overview of IMDS OEMs' acceptance criteria:

IMDS OEMs' acceptance criteria

This document was presented at IMDS events of AIAG and CLEPA in October 2007 and is still valid.


OEM Specific Information

Asset Publisher Asset Publisher


General Motors (GM)


Here you can find specific General Motors supplier information.



GM is updating GMW3059 and its related List of Restricted and Reportable Substances, CG4110.

Please be aware that this will change GM’s IMDS acceptance criteria.

GM will immediately stop accepting any IMDS entries containing

  • DecaBDE                  (CAS# 1163-19-5),
  • HBCD                       (CAS# 25637-99-4, 3194-55-6) and/or
  • LCPFAC/PFOA’s      (CAS# 3825-26-1, 335-95-5, 335-67-1),

unless a GMW3059 waiver form is provided together with the IMDS submission, stating the purpose for use and the suppliers plan to eliminate use, including the phase out timing.  Any such waivers cannot be in conflict with any regional regulatory requirements for which the products are sold.

GM is encouraging its suppliers to double check internally that the submitted IMDS data represents the current content of the parts delivered to GM.

GM appreciates your efforts and support in this important matter.



Here you can find information concerning General Motors Part Number and DUNS-Code Filter.

In an effort to better serve our suppliers, we have compiled a checklist of reasons why your MDS will not automatically upload to the General Motors Global Quality Tracking System (GQTS). Please check the GM communication tips.