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icm2 (integrated corporate material management)

IMDS-inhouse-solution for the management, creation & integration of IMDS-data

The Challenge

Since 2003, car manufacturers are legally bound to the European Directive 2000/53/EC for end-of life vehicles (also known as ELV), ensuring that 85% of a sold vehicle can be recycled. In order to meet this legal compliance, the OEMs developed the International Material Data System (IMDS, www.mdsystem.com). Using IMDS, the suppliers are able to capture and publish the required information for ELV-related material reporting in the form of material data sheets (MDSs).

While IMDS is an efficient tool for regular users maintaining a reasonable amount of MDSs, for big user companies manually maintaining the data means an enormous additional effort. Without automated mechanisms the publishing of MDSs is massively time consuming, a time that can be drastically reduced by icm2.


The Solution

icm2 (integrated corporate material management) – developed and maintained with our partner Engineering Consulting & Solutions GmbH (ecs) - helps minimize overall process complexity and workload. Using the IMDS Advanced Interface (a valid IMDS-AI license is required), icm2 provides an extensible import interface to your ERP and PLM system and allows for simple transfer of BOMs into IMDS. Missing supplier data can be requested with just a few clicks. The icm2 dunning function monitors your MDS requests, sends automatic reminder mails or escalates the case and if needed informs other associates e.g. the purchase department or the supervisor. icm2 provides an individual validation mechanism which enables the creation of additional rule sets, allowing customer and organization rules to be checked automatically, eliminating yet another time consuming process - the rejection of delivered MDSs based on individual compliance requirements that go beyond IMDS capabilities.


The Benefits

  • Sustainable product development through icm2 Compliance Management
  • Centralized management of all material and substance data
  • Integration into existing business processes through certified interfaces
  • Routine tasks carried out automatically to relieve the employee
  • Reliable control and management of complete IMDS process through workflows
  • Improved data quality through the validation of parts, material and substances based on IMDS and individual customer rules
  • Detailed analysis and reporting for different department needs
  • Enterprise-wide management of MDSs
  • Creation of clear and individual reports


How to order

icm2 can be ordered through DXC Technology. If you are interested in receiving an non-binding offer, please send us an e-mail with the following information:

  • Contact person (First name, Last name, e-mail address)
  • IMDS Company ID (to estimate the yearly upload volume and the corresponding IMDS-AI tariff)
  • Information about the existing IT system (name, version) which will be linked with IMDS (icm2 already includes standard connections for several PLM and ERP systems)

As above mentioned, a general requirement for using icm2 is a valid IMDS-AI license.

More information about the technical requirements can be found...

... in the documentation which can be downloaded from our partner ecs.

... in the Batch Client documentation for connecting the icm2 to the IMDS (available for download in the IMDS application with a valid IMDS-AI license).


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